#TGRHelloFall Brand Partners

We don't know about you, but we love ALL things Canadian! We are proud to feature quality products from the Canadian artisans & brands that you love. Our goal along the way is to introduce you to Canadian makers and sellers that you suddenly cannot live without!

Below are the featured artisans & brands from our #TGRHelloFall Box. Show them some love and explore the many amazing products that they have to offer! 


Femme Faire: https://www.femmefaire.ca

Lisbeth Jewelry: https://www.lisbethjewelry.com 

Midnight Paloma: https://midnightpaloma.com

Mimi & August: https://mimiandaugust.com

Eatable Popcorn: https://eatable.com

Lace & Charm: https://laceandcharm.com

Bare Skin Bar: https://www.bareskinbar.com

hunny b. skincare: https://www.hunnybskin.com