#TGRHelloSummer Brand Partners

We don't know about you, but we love ALL things Canadian! We are proud to feature quality products from the Canadian artisans & brands that you love. Our goal along the way is to introduce you to Canadian makers and sellers that you suddenly cannot live without!

Below are the featured artisans & brands from our #TGRHelloSummer Box. Show them some love and explore the many amazing products that they have to offer! 

Black Oak: https://blackoakbaby.com

Cloth in a Box: https://www.clothinabox.com

Mood Living: https://www.moodliving.ca

My Tagalongs: https://mytagalongs.com

Niu Body: https://www.niubody.com

State of Grace: https://shopstateofgrace.com

Ten & Co: https://www.tenandco.ca