2023 Conscious Living Trend Report with MIFA

2023 Conscious Living Trend Report with MIFA

Is breathwork the new meditation? Is there a Gua Sha for every body part? Have we finally realized that scrolling IG before bed is… bad for us? 

With resolution season behind us and 2023 well underway, we’re making some predictions for what living more mindfully will look like this year, inspired by our friends at MIFA. While MIFA is primarily a body care brand, they do an amazing job at enriching their community through wellness education, resources, and tools to enhance the lives of their customers. 

So, what’s IN when it comes to wellness, mindfulness, and living more consciously in 2023? 

We have a few ideas… 


I don’t know about you, babe, but it feels like the buzz around breathwork got louder when the clock struck midnight on January 1st. Breathwork has been picking up popularity in the wellness space, using various breathing techniques as a grounding practice to regulate the nervous system, increase energy, and soothe anxiety. With tons of breathwork apps and online classes available, you can access this healing modality anytime, anywhere. We’ve been loving incorporating it into our morning routine – in between skincare and coffee – as a way to set the tone for the day. If you’re curious about this modality and whether it’s right for you, MIFA recently shared an amazing interview with breathwork practitioner Ashley Dawn Armstrong. 


You’ve probably heard of the Gua Sha by now, typically depicted as a tool for facial massage and lymphatic drainage. Is it possible that the popular petite iteration is being replaced by its full-body counterpart? This year, we’re seeing an embrace in all-over skincare – and the tools we’re using should be no different. This larger Gua Sha can be used to massage the arms, legs, chest, abdomen, and beyond, encouraging an even deeper impact on our lymphatic circulation. This aventurine version by MIFA is still safe for facial use, offering a total-body-wellness experience with one stunning tool. Count us in


We’ve been harping on about this for a while now, but it seems like the rest of the world has finally caught on. While a scroll-sesh as you drift off sounds soothing in theory, we’ve all finally agreed to be collectively DONE dreaming about the last thing we saw on TikTok. Wind-down routines are on-trend, and we’re 100% here for ending the day with more intention, calm, and quiet time. If a multi-step pre-sleep routine sounds daunting, you can start small by spending a couple of minutes showing our skin some love before you get cozy. We love using an all-over oil like the one in our Winter Box to gently massage your face and body, helping to relax and unwind, screen-free. 

Which trend have you tried, babe? Find us on Instagram and let us know. 

MIFA is a 100% natural body care brand, based in Vancouver, that provides a sensory spa-at-home experience, using aromatherapy to help you balance, restore, and relax effortlessly. They take a holistic approach to body care that encourages self-care at the deepest level. With their versatile, multi-use, minimalist body care line, MIFA is helping to build intentional rituals for every body, every mind, and every skin. 

Learn more about MIFA here, and shop their All-over Oil in our Hello Winter collection here.
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