3 Repurposing Tips for More Conscious Living with Paume

3 Repurposing Tips for More Conscious Living with Paume

At TGR, we believe in supporting brands, people, and products that help us (and our community!) engage with the world more consciously. Each season, we highlight a seasonal collection that embodies this ethos – but we know our ability to make an impact doesn’t stop there. Since launching TGR, we’ve become so in tune to brands who are championing conscious practices like sustainability, ethical business, and social responsibility. It’s been so inspiring for us to learn from the brands we collaborate with, and we’re excited to share a few of those lessons with you here, inspired by our fall collaboration with Paume. 

Paume is a luxury hand care and sanitizer brand dedicated to redefining their industry with luxurious, sustainable, specially formulated skin care for your hands. Not only do they offer beautiful, biodegradable packaging, but they also stock a stunning refillable pump that can live on your counter year-round, and refill bags of soap to ensure no cleanser or gel bottle is ever wasted. 

Paume’s vision invited us to explore one of the most important lessons in conscious living:


This won’t be the “reduce, reuse, recycle” sing-song you remember from your elementary school days, promise ;). But, there are countless ways we can exercise the principle of repurposing in our daily lives to create more sustainable habits. 

  • Home Storage + Organization

  • When you think hard enough about it, almost everything can be used to stash, store, or organize! That box your TGR order came in? Use it to pack up your winter scarves and gloves at the end of the season. The takeout container you were about to toss? Use it to organize your junk drawer, or keep receipts. Rather than shelling out money on the next-big-TikTok home organization item, think about what you already have in your home that could serve the same purpose – it may just mean getting a little crafty ;)! 

  • Clothing + Fashion 

  • We’ve all heard about the unfortunate impacts of the fast fashion industry, which is why supporting local, ethical brands has always been a priority for us. But what about slowing down fashion habits within your own closet? Clothes circulate in trend so frequently that it’s often we end up seeing something come into style, only to realize we had – and tossed – that exact piece a few seasons ago. Rather than leaning into trends to forecast your personal look, we love making a Pinterest board at the beginning of each season. Pin outfits that define your unique personal style – think trend-free looks that resonate with who you are

    As you do so, you’ll start to see patterns: maybe 3 or 4 looks have a similar, black blazer, or a staple blue jean. Do you already have something like that in your closet? Can you tailor something you already own to suit the vibe of the outfits you love? 

    Once you have your Pinterest board all set up, start compiling these staple items in your closet in a place that’s easy to see + grab. A few missing pieces might require an investment off the hop, but you’ll know you have all the pieces you need to put together the looks you love without relying on what’s trendy. The goal with this is to have your core or signature wardrobe at the ready so that you’re never caught with “nothing to wear,” forced to hit the nearest fast-fashion spot to complete the look. 

  • Thrifting + Upcycling

  • We’ll be the first to admit we aren’t always the most delicate when it comes to putting dishes away, and living that #momlife means seeing things break…. Often. We’ve resigned to saying goodbye to a coffee mug (or three) each season, and have seen some truly stunning pieces head toward the trash. To help make these mishaps less heartbreaking, we’ve adopted two habits when it comes to pottery goods and precious knicknacks: thrifting and upcycling. Knowing a chip or two is inevitable, we don’t mind browsing the been-used aisles to stock our wares. When something does break under our watch, we love to whip out the superglue and repurpose our broken goods as planters, garden accessories, or candle holders! 

    Paume’s approach to refilling and repurposing their packaging reminds us that what’s used isn’t necessarily finished, and that we can all invite more conscious choices into our everyday lives. 

    Shop Paume in our Hello Fall box here, and learn more about the brand here

    What repurposing techniques have you integrated? Head to our Instagram and let us know.

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