Making Your Dreams Reality With Kambiio 

Making Your Dreams Reality With Kambiio 

With the new year coming up (faster than we’d like to admit, maybe!), we’ve all been thinking ahead:

What quarterly goals should we set?

What opportunities can we seize to make this upcoming year bigger + better than the last?

As conscious living enthusiasts, we value any opportunity to look inward – so the pressure to plan ahead feels daunting. Rather than fussing over big plans and projections, we’re leaning into a more embodied approach:

How do I want to feel as the new year unfolds?

What can I manifest simply by showing up as my best self?

Our Hello Fall box partners, Kambiio, have reminded us to release the pressure to be constantly doing in favour of bringing DREAMING to the forefront. With this in mind, we’ve put together some of our favorite practices for actualizing our dreams + desires into the new year. 

Higher-self Journaling

At the other side of your goals, who are you? What do you wear? How do you speak? Who do you spend time with? How do you care for yourself? Make a long, comprehensive list of all of the ways your higher-self – the version of you that you dream about – moves through the world. Keep this list close by so you can reference it every morning, and whenever you’re navigating a challenging situation, ask yourself how your higher-self would respond to those circumstances. 

Gratitude Practice

While it can be so tempting to get laser-focused on the future, a key element to manifesting our dream life is to recognize the ways our life is ALREADY dreamy. We love starting each day with gratitude, writing down (or speaking aloud!) 3-5 things we are grateful for in the present moment. It can be something simple, like freshly ground coffee, or something profound, like getting to work in alignment with our purpose. 

Releasing Ritual 

In order to move forward into the future of our dreams, we have to be able to let go of whatever is holding us back. Limiting beliefs can play a huge role in keeping us playing small, so incorporating a ritual to release the thoughts that no longer serve us has been so essential in guiding us towards a more aligned path. We love performing this ritual during our evening skincare routine, and the Kambiio DREAMER Refining Face Oil Serum provides the perfect pairing. 

Here’s how it works:

As you massage your DREAMER oil into your skin, consider a few things that you’d like to release. For each limiting belief you’re letting go of, consider the opposing manifestation of abundance that goes along with it. 

Create and recite a few affirmations, such as:

“I release self-doubt, and I receive self-worth” or any combination that supports your dreams. 

The physical touch on your skin helps keep you in the present moment, showing yourself love + tenderness as you reconnect with your self-worth and desires. You’ll wake up the next morning feeling renewed – and radiant, thanks to Kambiio. 

Learn more about Kambiio here, and shop the DREAMER Refining Face Oil Serum in our Hello Fall box. 

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