Blooming In Hope & Celebration

Blooming In Hope & Celebration

To the moms, the mother-figures, the dog-moms, those excited to become moms, those choosing not to, and everyone in between:

As Mother’s Day approaches, we’re reflecting on your strength, courage, and the grace with which you show up in the world.

At the same time, today we’re appreciating another Mother. Earth Day is an opportunity to celebrate, reflect on, and support the world we live in while celebrating and supporting each other, as a collective. 

When we think of Spring, the word that comes to us is BLOOM – and this feels so appropriate as we cheer on our incredible community of moms, mom-adjacents, and the planet as a whole. 

For us, to BLOOM this season is to approach all things with a budding hope, a grounded excitement, and an optimism for what’s to come. Today, we’re encouraging your reflection –

What are you blooming into?

What are you hopeful for? 

What are you celebrating?

We’re blooming into a season of opportunity. Over the last few weeks, we’ve been pushing past our comfort zone to up-level our business behind the scenes. It’s been vulnerable to pursue some *big* goals we have for this summer, but so rewarding in pursuing our long-term vision for TGR. 

We’re hopeful for a summer of reconnection, exploration, and joy. There is nothing quite like the buzz of our local streets on a sunny Spring day, and we can already feel the energy that’s rising with each warmer afternoon (despite a few unexpected snowfalls!). We have some exciting adventures planned around Ontario, and of course, we’ll be taking you along for the ride. 

But what are we celebrating? Well, it’s YOU, babe. In honour of Mother’s Day (and Mother Earth!) we’re kicking off a Hello Spring box promotion. Save $15 off the Seasonal, Annual, or One-Time Purchase ox with the code BLOOM15 from now until May 8th, 2022. 

Beyond blooming, hope, and celebrating, we’re reflecting, too. 

We’ve been asking ourselves, how can we show up with more grace for our planet? How can we deepen our practice of sustainability to support longevity for the world at large?

TGR is dedicated to supporting our community – and as a result, our Earth –  through charitable giving, supporting sustainable practices, and introducing you to conscious Canadian brands. 

A few new things we’re implementing include:

  • Using our own reusable straws while we’re out and about, to reduce waste
  • Packing our reusable bags in our car to use at the grocery store, markets & shops
  • Keeping our Zoom camera off when possible, to reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions
  • Using recyclable packing paper for filling our boxes

What’s on your list?

Throughout the season, we’ll be navigating this journey, sharing our favourite sustainability tips + practices on our Instagram to support you on YOUR path towards a healthier planet. 

Shop Hello Spring here and get $15 OFF your purchase using the code BLOOM15. 

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