Sustainable Self-Care with Imaya

Sustainable Self-Care with Imaya

TGR is always on the search for high-quality and inspiring brands that help us feel good inside and out. The products featured in our seasonal boxes are intended to encourage mindful moments to pause, reflect and find balance in those seemingly always-busy days…

Founded in collaboration with the Kokama community in Peru to help preserve the biodiversity of the Amazon Rainforest, Imaya Beauty creates products that regenerate, refresh and revitalize our skin, while emphasizing the importance of environmental sustainability – a practice we can all implement (even in small ways!) into our daily routines. 

Imaya’s signature Retinoic Face Oil (offered in our Hello Winter Box!) is made from 100% sustainably wild harvested Aguaje oil and packed with provitamin A to support our winter skin in feeling nourished and looking radiant while reducing the appearance of fine lines, sunspots, and blemishes – a much-needed skincare product in our routine as we embrace the next couple months of snow with a new sense of adventure and inspiration while maintaining the time and space to practice our own grounding rituals (apres-ski self-care moment anyone?) 

Inspired by Imaya’s commitment to conservation, we’re taking a page from their sustainability efforts to bring more earth-friendly moments into our self-care routines. We’ve curated a list of eco-conscious tips for pampering ourselves *and* protecting our planet. Babes, it’s time to bring it for the big blue! 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Radiate! 

Sourcing beauty products with eco-friendly, recyclable packaging is an easy way to reduce waste and minimize your beauty routine’s carbon footprint. You know the saying “good things come in in small packages”? From plant to package, Imaya is committed to conservation and uses smaller-sized packages, and is part of Shopify's Offset program to neutralize their shipping emissions! Easy tip: Add a blue bin to your bathroom to easily organize your recyclable packages.

Don’t Forget to Drink Your Water (Instead of Wasting It!) 

We are all about enjoying a luxurious bath ritual, and staying hydrated throughout the day (obviously with a cute reusable bottle) – but even simple tasks like turning off the taps while washing your face, and minimizing your consumption with water-saving showerheads are easy ways to protect our planet, while still enjoying that much-deserved bath-time r and r

Say “See Ya Later” to Single-Use

Ditch the disposables such as cotton pads and face wipes and source washable, re-usable alternatives to apply toners, remove makeup and cleanse your skin. Much like Imaya’s safe, sustainable harvesting practices combat deforestation in the Amazon, eliminating unnecessary one-and-done paper products from your skincare rituals minimizes unnecessary waste, and helps protect our environment!

Looking to incorporate products that are easier on our earth into your own beautiful life? TGR is proud to partner with brands and feature products that help us bring more conscious practices into our own daily routines. If you have any eco-friendly beauty and lifestyle tips to share, our DM’s are always open to chat + learn + connect. Find us on Instagram here.  

Learn more about Imaya Beauty, their powerful product, and their commitment to our fabulous Mother Earth here and find their Retinoic Face Oil in every TGR Hello Winter Box.

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