How To Care For Your Luxurious Pokoloko Throw

How To Care For Your Luxurious Pokoloko Throw

As we approach the holidays, we’re daydreaming about slow, easy mornings without the weight of a to-do list. If you’re wondering what the absolute perfect start to any winter day looks like, allow us to paint a picture:

You tiptoe out of bed and into the living room — the sun is only just coming up, so the house is quiet, dim, and peaceful. 

Instead of reaching for the bright overhead lights, you illuminate the room with a few candles, taking a second to breathe in their smoky aroma before heading towards the kitchen for a cup of freshly brewed coffee. You pour your first cup, topped with a beautiful tablespoon of fluffy frothed milk.

Padding back into the living room, you reach for your favourite book, ready to cuddle up on the couch. Strewn across your sofa is a fuzzy alpaca throw, inviting you to cuddle up and ease into the day ahead. 

If this morning routine made you feel some type of wintery way, you’re welcome. But really, you can thank Pokoloko. 

Pokoloko is a Canadian-owned brand that curates high-quality artisanal goods from around the world. We’ve been collaborating with POKO since our early TGR days, and are constantly in awe of the quality of their product and the beautiful stories that surround their sourcing. They know their artisans by name, actively lifting up their partners, spreading environmental awareness, and honouring tradition, heritage, and culture. 

Handmade in Ecuador, The Fringed Alpaca Throw (offered in our Hello Winter box!) feels like the warm embrace of a quintessential winter morning, and we can’t imagine starting our days without it. 

Alpaca fibre is stronger than mohair, warmer than wool, softer than silk and finer than cashmere – a fabric that embodies winter comfort, while remaining conscious of the planet. This lightweight, silky, hypoallergenic fibre is one of the most sustainable to make – alpacas and alpaca fibre harvesting has a very low environmental impact.

In order to maintain your throw as the fluffy, soft, slice of magic that it is, there are some essential care instructions that will help keep it cozy for seasons to come. 

1. Be Delicate

This beautiful piece prefers the royal treatment, so hand wash, or use the delicate cycle with mild soap and cold water. 

2. Dry, Gently

To keep your throw in mint condition, never wring, scrunch, stretch, or twist the fabric. Instead, hang to dry or dry clean. Avoid putting it in the dryer at home. 

3. TLC 

This throw has a covet-worthy self-care routine, and will thrive when groomed. Use a light brush, moving gently in the direction of the fibre. For a neat + tidy outcome, you can safely iron your throw with some specific considerations. Iron on a low setting, moving in the same direction as you brushed. 

With a well-kept throw, the styling possibilities are endless. From cuddles on the couch to bundling up for an evening stroll, we’re always finding new and creative ways to wrap up in this beautiful piece.

Learn more about Pokoloko here, and order your throw through our Hello Winter box here

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