4 New Ways to Face Mask With .eluo. 

4 New Ways to Face Mask With .eluo. 

When we hear the phrase “self care” a specific image comes to mind first: Hair in a towel, glass of wine in hand, and face painted with our mask of choice. There are few things we look forward to more than a quiet moment at home to pause and replenish, and a beautiful botanical face mask ranks highly as our ideal partner-in-chill. 

We were drawn to .eluo.’s Forma Rosea not just for the collection of healing botanics inside (the mask features delicious natural ingredients like colloidal oat, coconut, and chamomile) but for the versatile ways that it can be integrated into any step of our skincare routine. 

Our coveted self-care sessions can take on new shapes, from cleansing, polishing and masking, to incorporating natural activators that enhance the nourishing benefits of the mask’s formula. That’s right – ACTIVATORS. We didn’t know what that meant, either – but thanks to .eluo., it’s all we want to talk about, and we’re sharing it here with you. 


Squeaky clean never felt so sweet! Upgrade your cleansing routine by combining 1 Tbsp of your Forma Rosea mask powder with a small amount of facial cleanser, forming a soft paste in your palm before lathering up. Scrub and massage your face, cleansing the skin while the grains of Forma Rosea hydrate and refine. 


If gentle cleansing is more your speed, try using your mask to polish up afterward. Polishing (or exfoliating) encourages cell turnover, minimizing discoloration and revealing a bright, healthy complexion. Taking 1 tsp of your Forma Rosea and combine with water to form a paste, blend in a circular motion over damp, clean skin. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. 


You may be familiar with this one – but it’s tried + true for a reason. .eluo. suggests that the ideal mask consistency is a soft, rich, mousse texture, created by combining 1 tbsp of Forma Rosea with a small amount of water, and blending in a bowl with mask brush. With your brush, gently smooth your mask over clean, damp skin, and let dry for 5-10 minutes. Try not to zone out and sit with it for 30, like we do. Once the mask is dry + hardened, dampen a soft cloth, patting the mask to rehydrate before rinsing or wiping away with warm water. 


Here comes the fun part, babe. Your .eluo. mask is powerful as-is, but by adding a select collection of natural ingredients that .eluo. calls activators, you can enhance its benefits and entirely reshape your skincare experience depending on which activator you choose. 

Aloe, cucumber juice, and chamomile have calming effects, with a mask consistency that feels refreshing and soothing. Clarifying activators include honey, raw apple cider vinegar, and green tea – each providing a different masking consistency from sticky-sweet to invigorating. For extra hydration, incorporate a plant-based facial oil or yogurt – which sounds like absolute BLISS after spending a holiday weekend out in the chilly Canadian winter weather. 

Eluo’s Forma Rosea is included in every TGR Hello Winter Box. Will we be spending the entire holiday break trying each of these out? You bet. Tag us on Instagram if you try any! 

Visit .eluo. for more stunning skincare products + their creative insights for use! 

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