Elevate Your Evening with East 29th

Elevate Your Evening with East 29th

The morning routine gets a lot of love, but how many of us take time to reconnect with ourselves in the evening after a hectic day?

With fall comes a change in temperature and dwindling evening light. You’ve probably already noticed the days feeling a little shorter, and soon, the clocks will turn back, giving way to too-short days and dark, chilly nights... 

So we view this as a major bummer – but this year, we’re determined not to let that make us feel so glum.

What if we flipped the script, and saw these long dark evenings as an extended, super-cozy opportunity to turn inward and spend a little more time winding down? Our fall collaborator, East 29th, has been integral in supporting our conscious nightly habits. 

The evening routine isn’t just fantastic for unwinding after the demands of the day – it also supports better, more peaceful sleeps, an opportunity to reset + prepare for the days ahead, and an under-appreciated pocket of time for the hobbies that so often fall by the wayside while we lean into the familiar call of Netflix binging and mindless scrolling. 

Don’t get us wrong – there’s a time and place for it all – but lately, we’re loving a little unplugged time to help relax our bodies + minds before we head off to slumber. 

We’re excited to share our fall evening non-negotiables below, and we can’t wait to hear how you make it your own this season. 

As soon as the laptop closes, it’s so tempting to flick on the TV and veg until tomorrow. Instead, we’re committing to going for a quick walk around the block (or longer, if we feel up to it) to breathe some fresh air and create a divide between work-from-home and, well… home

Cooking at home can be so cathartic, but recently we realized we’d been playing the same playlists on a loop since 2019. To freshen things up and get in a more creative headspace, we’ve been using our prep time as an opportunity to explore some new music. (We’re loving the Canadian artist playlists on Spotify!)

Who else feels like there’s an awkward limbo between dinner and bedtime?! So often this is prime time for getting sucked into social media (wishing you’d made that TikTok pasta for dinner instead…), or getting caught up on laundry (important, but not exactly chill), or just taking the laptop into bed and calling it a day. We’ve been experimenting with some screen-free time post-meal, and love using this time to dive into a good book (need a rec? Hit us up!). Keeping our eyes off the screen helps us unwind in a big way, and it’s so nice to transport our brains to new stories (bonus points if they’re set on a beach somewhere).

Babes, you know how we feel about skin care – but pause and take this section in, because our routine has been reinvented with East 29th’s Vital Serum. A few drops go a long way with this luxurious, firming, and smoothing blend of hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, lemon rind extract, and vitamins C & E. Post-cleanse, we apply a few drops to our forehead, temples, and jawline, massaging and smoothing it into our skin. Keep the lights dimmed, close your eyes, and take a little extra time as you work it in. By the time we lift our eyelids, we’re feeling fresh and ready to drift off to a deep, replenishing sleep. This multifaceted serum is available in every Hello Fall box. 

And that’s a wrap, babe! As we snuggle into our crisp, welcoming sheets, we love tuning into some white noise or a nighttime meditation to get snoozin’. 

To learn more about the vital serum and our friends at East 29th, hop directly to their website here

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