Lend Your Hands a Little Help With Cutie Oils

Lend Your Hands a Little Help With Cutie Oils

Let me guess, babe – 

As you read this, you’ve been sitting at the computer for an hour or two. You’ve been sipping your respective iced coffee/matcha tea/chai latte, typing up a STORM while you absolutely seize this day – your inbox didn’t even see it comin’. 

We LOVE a productive morning at our desk, blue light glasses on, tip-tapping away at our keyboard until we feel a sense of ease wash over us. 


*Sips coffee.*

Once the emails are conquered, our next step is to check in with our Instagram community. Usually this looks like posting to the feed, replying to comments and DMs, and seeing what our seasonal vendors are up to. But if we had to reduce it to one movement, it looks a whole lot like scrolling. 

Why are we sharing our daily tech habits on our conscious living blog, you ask?

Because today’s post is all about caring for an overused and underappreciated aspect of our sweet, resilient bodies – 

The hands. 

Ever since we introduced Cutie Oils into our fall box, we’ve been thinking about all the thankless work our finger joints and hand muscles do on the daily. 

Cutie Oil was developed to moisturize, revitalize, and pamper that precious spot where skin ends and nail begins.

Have you EVER thought to show your cuticles some love after a long day?

We hadn’t either, our tech-y moments are just part of the story. Flashback to clenching the leash while we walk the dog in the morning, clanging around in the sink while washing the dishes from breakfast, lugging grocery bags (and backpacks of little ones!) up flights of stairs, trying to make it inside without one more trip… 

These digits do a LOT, babe. 

And most of the time, we don’t even thank ‘em. 

If you’re feeling all kinds of guilty for the drama your hands have endured, we’re with you – and we’re sharing some hand-care secrets that will leave you feeling lovingly reconnected with the body part that *quite literally* has been doing all your heavy lifting. 

(AND it’ll make those inbox-crushing flurries all the more satisfying tomorrow, promise). 

  • Shake It Off
  • Say so-long to cold, cramped hands by setting a timer on your phone for every hour and use it as an opportunity to blow off a little steam! Stand up from your desk, and begin shaking your hands back and forth. Slowly let the movement flow into your wrists, arms, upper body, hips, legs, and feet. This serves as a total reset for your nervous system, leaving you re-energized and re-inspired.

  • Self-massage
  • We know we’re not the only ones who used to go bananas over those heart-shaped stress-balls back in elementary school… and, there’s something to it! Keeping a massage ball by your desk is an amazing way to roll out tension in the wrists (and a great way to keep your hands busy when you get caught in back to back Zoom sessions!). 

  • Cuticle Care
  • We couldn’t get to the end of this article without sharing some love for our muse behind the musings! Cutie Oil not only smells divine, it soothes dry, cracking cuticles and serves as a thoughtful, soothing escape from the technology tapping we do all day. With sweet vanilla, warm amber, and hints of sandalwood and blackberry, the Olivine Cutie Oil in each of our fall boxes is the bubbly, compassionate pal you want to sit back and relax with while you refill your cup (or wine glass, if that’s your thing). 

    If this blog post unlocked a new level of self-caring, we fully support that. Learn more about Cutie Oils here, and shop our Hello Fall box here.
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