Savour the best of summer with Tease

Savour the best of summer with Tease

When we first began working with Tease tea, we were taken with how stunning their loose leaf blends looked – easily identifiable ingredients like fruits and herbs, gorgeous colours, and a scent that we *literally* can’t describe – you’ll need to experience it for yourself. So, when they released their Limited Edition Iced Tea blends, you can IMAGINE how thrilled we were to feature them (alongside their 3-in-1 Sustainable Glass and Bamboo Tea Tumbler!) in our Summer 2021 Subscription box.

Babe, these blends are BLISS. 

Tease Tea believes every sip counts, and their blends are packed with benefits that aren’t just good for you, but good for the planet. 

They specialize in creating teas packed with ingredients that contribute to a more inspired YOU, supporting lifestyle goals like increased focus, more energy, or a sense of calm. 


But, their dedication to blends that benefit our TGR box babes isn’t the only reason why Tease makes the ideal TGR partner – their packaging is also biodegradable, and they strive for a decreased carbon footprint. They check “conscious,” off our list so we can feel confident that they’re a perfect fit for our community. 

As with any true obsession, we’ve been getting creative with different ways to experiment with their Limited Edition blends (Main Squeeze, Pineapple Punch, and Peach Pie!) and have settled on three outside-the-box Summer Iced Tea recipes you *have* to try this summer. 


Featuring Main Squeeze, an Oolong Tea Blend boasting orange and green apple, this tangy take on a carbonated Iced Tea will gain you major host points at your next backyard BBQ.. 

Main Squeeze Iced Tea Blend by Tease Tea, steeped + chilled
Fresh orange slices
Fresh apple slices
Fresh mint sprigs
Your favourite soda water (unflavoured) 

Combine in a pitcher, portioning based on your preference. Pour over ice, and serve! 


Featuring Pineapple Punch, a pineapple + coconut black tea blend, this is the pool party essential of Summer 2021, promise

Pineapple Punch Iced Tea Blend by Tease Tea, steeped + chilled
Unsweetened coconut milk 
Fresh or frozen Pineapple

Blend in a blender until you reach a smoothie consistency, and garnish with fresh pineapple and a cherry. If you feel inspired to add a dash of rum, we won’t stop you! 


With the delicious Peach Pie blend, we thought what could be more *perfect* than a classic iced tea, reminiscent of summer days spent in the garden, sipping an iced cold tea in the warm sunshine. 

Peach Pie Iced Tea Blend by Tease Tea, steeped + chilled
Fresh lemon slices
Rosemary for garnish
In a pitcher, combine tea + lemon slices. Pour over ice, and garnish with rosemary. Voila! Easy as pie

Okay, PAUSE. 

Who’s getting thirsty?! 

If you’re in a rush to get your hands on one of these blends, you can grab a surprise flavour here in our Summer box. To learn more about Tease Tea and their mission, check them out online here. 

We can’t wait to see what deliciousness you create with our recipes this summer! Don’t forget to tag us @thegiftrefinery on Instagram when you craft your next concoction! 

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