Hit the road with Lunata Beauty

Hit the road with Lunata Beauty

“Wait – you mean we can style our hair any time, anywhere, without needing an outlet or bulky cord?!”

This was our exact reaction when we first discovered Lunata Beauty. 

It sounds totally bananas, right?!

But, this revolutionary beauty brand is DOING THE THING. 

Lunata Beauty, a Canadian-founded, Toronto-based, and female-owned brand, expertly blended the steadfast beauty trend of heat hair styling with innovative technology that delivers a cordless – and liberating – styling experience. 

(These women embody the inventive spirit we love to see, and support, in our subscription box brand partners!)

Once we got over the initial shock and awe of what this powerful tool means for the future of our locks, our minds began racing with all of the possibilities... 

Where in the world can we TAKE this magic tool?! 

And since we know your mind is already running away with ideas on how to incorporate this gorgeous styler into your adventures, we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 favourite ways (and places!) to use this gem on-the-go this summer.

  • The Beach
  • We HAVE to kick off with this one! While salty, sandy locks are stunning in their own way, there’s nothing quite like being able to brush off after a long day in the sun, show your hair a little love, and stroll onto the nearest patio for a glass of vino feeling fresh. 

  • The Road Trip
  • I don’t know about you, but there’s some serious charm in driving along country roads, taking in the gorgeous vistas Canada has to offer. We’re always tempted to hop out of the car and take a photo but – oh, some of the sweats + messy bun combos in those snapshots won’t see the light of day. Elevate your road trip photo-ops with a quick styling refresh, and you won’t have to hesitate to show your pals what you’ve been up to, this summer. 

  • The Winery 
  • While we adore a wine tour, a few hours out in the sun and breeze can do a number on whatever cute look we left the house in. Slipping this styler in our purse has been a game-changer in the way we primp between sips. 

  • The Glampout
  • CAMPING HAIR, NO MORE. This tool is the *ultimate* companion for your next taste of “roughing it,” so pull down that dashboard mirror and get gorgeous, babe. 

  • The European Getaway
  • Okay, so a flight to Paris may still be a few months away, but the gift of cordless styling means no need to fuss (or fry!) with differing outlet sizes. So, we’re mentally packing our bags to the city of romance as fast as you can say, “Oui!”

    So, babe, if this post wasn’t your sign to pack your bags and get MOVIN’ this summer, we’re out of ideas. Our summer 2021 box is all about hitting the road (in style!) and basking in the freedom to EXPLORE the beautiful country we call home. 

    Learn more about Lunata Beauty here, and shop our curated Hello Summer subscription box here

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