Create Your Perfect Morning Routine With Céla

Create Your Perfect Morning Routine With Céla

With over 15 years experience in the beauty industry, Céla Founder Celine Tradissi is transforming the Canadian skincare landscape through her award-winning Toronto Spa and product line. 

Céla is formulated with a seed-to-skin philosophy – and the first time we basked in the glory of a Céla Creme, we knew *exactly* why this approach makes all the difference. 

Using powerful natural extracts, oils, and butters from Elderberry to Ucuuba, these rich skincare products add a layer of undeniable luxury to your beauty routine. 

“By selecting products that are as pleasurable to use as they are effective, an at-home skincare routine is elevated to a restored self-care ritual,” reads Celine’s bio on the Céla website. 

“Céla’s inclusive mission flows from the same holistic principle that has sustained Celine through the many years she’s devoted to helping clients to look and feel their best, and throughout a lifetime of making wellness a priority in her own family – that every person deserves the benefit of honest, natural ingredients.”

Speaking of making wellness a priority, we’ve put together a morning routine with our Spring Céla favourite, The Very Best Creme Rose. 

Before we dive into the morning magic though, we need to take a moment to GUSH about this body cream. To say it’s buttery-soft would be an understatement. The texture is thick and whipped, thanks to the Cupuaçu butter (native to the Amazonian rainforest!) and the scent is sweet and soothing with notes of jasmine, peach, and rosewater. 

In addition to the super-star botanicals and natural extracts in every product, Céla has developed their own complex, formulated specifically to calm, protect and soothe the skin in our North American climate (helloooo, Canadian winter!). Blueberry, Elderberry, Evening Primrose, Juniper Berry, Rosemary and Lavender, combine to protect your skin at a cellular level. 

(Turns out science can be *really* neat when it means protecting our precious skin from harsh environmental elements and allowing our natural radiance to shine through to the surface!)

But, you know TGR isn’t just about results – we value partnering with businesses who engage in conscious practices for the betterment of the Canadian community, as a whole. Wherever possible, Céla partners with suppliers and producers who grow their natural ingredients within Canada. 

WE. ARE. OBSESSED. (You will be, too). 

Okay, as promised, we’ve developed a leisurely morning routine that will infuse a little bit of luxury into your every day. It goes a little something like this… 

  1. Light a candle. Bonus points if you light a candle before even turning on a light. There’s something *so* luxe about easing into the day by candlelight. 
  2. Rub your favourite essential oil between your hands, and gently massage it onto your neck. We love a rejuvenating scene like peppermint to infuse a little bit of energy into the morning, right off the hop. 
  3. Before hopping in the shower, give your bod a thorough dry-brush. If you don’t have one on hand, use a rough face-cloth to stimulate blood flow in the legs, arms, and abdomen. 
  4. Hop in the shower, but take your time! Inhale that aromatherapy goodness and keep that candle lit. 
  5. Once you’re feeling fresh and ready to start the day, apply The Very Best Creme Rose on your face, hands, and body. You’ll fall in LOVE with this sweet and soothing scent, moisturized and ready to start the day. 
  6. Toss on an upbeat playlist and GO GET EM, babe! 

Our TGR Hello Spring box features Céla The Very Best Creme Rose alongside a collection of Curated, Conscious & Canadian brands you’ll love. Find it here

Learn more about the Céla story and products by visiting their website here.
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