Welcome from the TGR Founder

Welcome from the TGR Founder

Oh hey, babe – if you’re reading this, it’s because you’re a part of the TGR community in some way, shape or form, and I want to personally say THANK YOU for being here. 

As the first entry on our blog, this post serves as a kickoff, and – I’m not going to lie, it’s a lot of pressure to craft a preliminary message to sum up all the magic that’ll be happening in this space. But, here goes… 

This space will be a publication that encourages you to take a moment for YOU while learning about living more consciously – that means sustainability, self-care, recipes, mindfulness, inspiring stories, following your heart, and so much more.

While we’ll be showing up here for you, I’m *most* excited about the other people you’ll be hearing from on this platform. Expect guest features and profiles on business owners, makers, humans, and fellow Canadians who inspire us on the daily. 

But, as the official blog beginning, I wanted to take a moment to share a little bit about The Gift Refinery, and what inspired us to pursue an overhaul of our brand identity and website this past year to better serve all of YOU – our TGR babes, who make it such a pleasure to wake up to this world, every day. 

The Gift Refinery is a Canadian subscription box and lifestyle brand founded from a place of genuine passion for helping others discover quality, Canadian products. TGR serves to show you that supporting your community – or nation, on a broader scale – can be easy, chic, and charitable.

After leaving my first career to pursue TGR, I carry a unique compassion for showcasing the stories of the artisans and brands that we collaborate with, inspiring you to consider what’s possible when you follow your heart with passion and purpose.

The word “Gift” symbolizes the gift of discovery, opportunity, charity – but also, appreciating the gifts that we encounter everyday, when we boldy decide to start making the time to notice. 

We know you, babe – you care about savouring the little things. 

Since launching the subscription box in 2019, the TGR brand has been gaining momentum – and last fall, I felt ready (thanks to all of YOUR support!) to create a brand that can be recognized across the country as something truly unique and deeply valued. 

The TGR brand is intentional, minimalist, calm, elevated, delicate, and approachable, held up by our three pillar values: Curated, Conscious, Canadian. Through these values, we can connect with our audience – oh, hi! – while sharing quality products, supporting our local communities, making an impact, and supporting conscious consumerism. 

As TGR grows, As TGR grows, we plan to explore more opportunities to support community engagement through exclusive membership benefits and lifestyle products. While I’m grateful for every day I get to wake up as the TGR founder, I also know that this is only the beginning of what we can create, together. 

By sharing these values through our blog, I can’t wait to connect more deeply with all of you. 



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