Three Ways to Deepen Your Relationships Offline, Featuring Cool To Connect

Three Ways to Deepen Your Relationships Offline, Featuring Cool To Connect

As we welcome August, we enter a season of deeply intentional relaxation. This time of year tends to be the final call to unwind and unplug before the energy of September sweeps through, reminding us all of our big goals — and often, big responsibilities. 

September is back-to-school, back-to-work, and back-to-reality — but, beautifully, August is essentially the opposite. It’s our last chance to take summertime vacation days, escape in nature, and build stronger offscreen relationships with those we love. 

That’s where Cool to Connect comes in. 

Inspired by this Canadian-founded resource for human connection, we’ve compiled three powerful ways to check in with your inner circle *sans* social media, including the connection-building deck featured in our Hello Summer box. If you’re eager to strengthen (and sustain!) the bonds in your life before it’s back-to-everything-else this fall, read on, babe. 

Community Outdoor Movement // Whether it’s a daily stroll for coffee, a weekly running group, dog-walking crew, or outdoor yoga class, moving your body in nature  with good company  is an amazing way to clear your head and reconnect with familiar streets while striking up new friendships. If there’s nothing like this going on in your town, consider organizing it! It only takes one or two motivated babes to start a trend… ;) 

Conscious Conversation // It sounds simple, right? But when we’re eager to learn more about each other and seize the opportunity to communicate beyond the surface, simply sparking up a chat with your bestie doesn’t always do the trick. We love that Cool to Connect puts conversation at the forefront, offering a fun and unique opportunity to dig deeper, together. Not only is the deck uber-chic (that gold foil?! I mean…), the prompts have also been carefully developed to genuinely connect you to those you experience it with. With deep questions and unique opportunities to reflect, the Cool to Connect cards support keeping in touch, getting in tune with your emotions, reducing depression, learning to be a better listener, and discovering more about yourself in the process. You can break out a Cool to Connect prompt anytime, anywhere — so it’s not just reserved for your friends in close proximity! This can be a great tool for a more engaged phone conversation, or a first-time friendship hang. 

Good Old Fashioned Book Club // If you and your best babes have started running out of things to talk about, we can’t recommend this option enough. Ditch the neighbourhood gossip in favour of deeper reflection, with a book club that sparks inspiring conversations and newfound perspectives. Gather 3-5 of your favourite people and pick a novel each month (you can easily find book club prompts online, for most!) and then it’s allll unplugging from there. Not only will this encourage you to spend more time reading solo, you’ll also have the chance to meet weekly to reconnect with your people over snacks, wine, and bookish chats. 

What are your favorite ways to disconnect, recharge, and engage with your family, friends, and community? We’d love to hear how you’ll be spending the last month of summer. Follow along and let us know over at @thegiftrefinery on Instagram, and don’t forget to explore Cool to Connect in our Hello Summer box, right here

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