Sustainable Self-Care with Imaya

January 13, 2022
TGR is always on the search for high-quality and inspiring brands that help us feel good inside and out. The products featured in our seasonal boxes are intended to encourage mindful moments to pau...
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Get Effortlessly Energized with Evio 

January 06, 2022
With the holidays behind us and signs of spring still a few months out, we’ve been searching for ways to stay focused and inspired throughout the day as the winter season continues. When it comes t...
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How To Care For Your Luxurious Pokoloko Throw

December 16, 2021
As we approach the holidays, we’re daydreaming about slow, easy mornings without the weight of a to-do list. If you’re wondering what the absolute perfect start to any winter day looks like, allow ...
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4 New Ways to Face Mask With .eluo. 

December 09, 2021
When we hear the phrase “self care” a specific image comes to mind first: Hair in a towel, glass of wine in hand, and face painted with our mask of choice. There are few things we look forward to m...
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Elevate Your Evening with East 29th

October 21, 2021
The morning routine gets a lot of love, but how many of us take time to reconnect with ourselves in the evening after a hectic day? With fall comes a change in temperature and dwindling evening lig...
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Lend Your Hands a Little Help With Cutie Oils

October 14, 2021
Let me guess, babe –  As you read this, you’ve been sitting at the computer for an hour or two. You’ve been sipping your respective iced coffee/matcha tea/chai latte, typing up a STORM while you ab...
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Healthier Living with Herbaland

October 07, 2021
While our brand has been all about sharing the inspiring stories of our community, offering conscious living insights, and introducing YOU to lifestyle products we love, we were excited to try some...
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Savour the best of summer with Tease

July 22, 2021
When we first began working with Tease tea, we were taken with how stunning their loose leaf blends looked – easily identifiable ingredients like fruits and herbs, gorgeous colours, and a scent tha...
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